Clitoral stimulator for women: how to choose a model of quality?

Unlike what people think, choosing a clitoris stimulator is not as easy as taking candy from a baby. It is way more than that let's be true: orgasms are important. They are good, not only for your physical health, but also for your mental health. However, this is your intimacy and you must not choose a random model. Who knew it would be that tough to choose a clitoris stimulator? Don't panic anyway; because we are going to help you find a high-quality clitoris stimulator:

Look for the high-quality material

There is no doubt about it! Whether it is internal or external, your little toy is definitely going to touch some sensitive part of your body, especially your genital parts. That being said, it is super important to find a model that is made with the right material, the healthy one indeed. The recommended material for such things, like the Duo 2 model, is silicone.  
Actually, silicone is non-porous, clean and safe. However, silicone stimulators might be a little bit expensive. Some metals material, such as gold and silver, can also be used alternatively to silicone, but they are very hard both on your clitoris and on your wallet. In contrast, never ever use jelly-based, rubber or plastic stimulators. The latters are very porous and might cause damage to your genitals.

Know your preference

There are many types of clitoris stimulator out there, but which one is the best for you? In fact, some stimulators are designed for people who need external stimulation, not further. Others may go around the penis to stimulate the feeling of penetration. You can also find some models that are made to stimulate your clitoris and mimic penetrative sex at the same time. 
Tough choice… You may not find it instantly, but you can always try each of the types. You should also figure out what kind of sensation you do want: do you want the stimulator to mimic penetrative feeling, or you just need an external feeling? It is up to you to find the one that matches your requirements.

Take the price into account

Clitoris stimulators can be expensive or not, it all depends on your budget. On one hand, it is important to know that the cheapest stimulators are not worthy to be your favorite toy. They are generally made of low-quality material, which might be too tiny, not safe and definitely not comfortable. 
On the other hand, the most expensive stimulators may not be worth it either. But this is mostly related to additional features. However, those ones are generally made of good, safe and soft material. You should also take into account the fact that prices differ from a brand to another. So, choose wisely and do your research about the brands or boutiques you have in sight.

Do not forget! Size and additional features

If you are choosing a clitoris stimulator, this might be because you are looking for something special; whether it is a way to stimulate your orgasm or make your sex time more intense with your partner... For instance, you can find waterproof stimulators, hands-free or heated ones. Each of them has its characteristics that make your moment more pleasurable. 
However, you may also look for the size. Though this is a matter of personal preference, you can find big, small or in-between models. But if you are a newbie to all these things, it is better to choose a medium model. After all, the high-quality clitoris stimulator should be the one that fits you!

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