E-commerce firm, Amazon accused of using Artificial intelligence cameras for spying purposes

Amazon has been accused of using its high-powered cameras for spying. This accusation comes as Amazon vans have implanted AI cameras that monitor their actions in the car. 

Amazon accused of spying actions 

 It has been claimed that Amazon is using his in-built camera in delivery vans as spying too. Although the camera's purpose is to save drivers' interactions and note their errors, many feel that Amazon has a sinister motive with these AI-cameras. 

The firm has rejected such claims, saying it is a good investment for safety purposes, Privacy groups will have none of that calling it surveillance' '. The camera will be fully functional every time but will note key behaviors like distractions, sleeping, and braking. A driver even opined that the Algorithm monitors occupants' reflexes. 

The source said whenever a driver yawns, they will be told to stop for 10 minutes before moving again. Amazon released a statement saying

 '' Our aim is in the protection of all our workers, and we have multiple resources to enhance our operations on the global scale. The aim is to keep the drivers safe and out of harm's way ''. 

Watch-dog groups say Amazon growing powerful and needs close monitoring 

The video operations which have been installed across its delivery cars in the US were explained fully by a top director, Karolina Haraldsdottir. The Áì-system called 'Drivers was developed by a start-up tech firm Netradyne which found a way to combine Al and video. 

This system has five HD cameras which monitor driver' 'habits'. In the video available, a driver was on the wheels and began using his phone, and immediately the system issued a caution about distraction. However, several people have accused the firm of being '' a god-like figure watching everyone's movement ''. Silkie Carlo, leader of the watchdog group said the appetite of Amazon has continued to grow and their intrusion in privacy is suspect.

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