How to use a chatbot to generate qualified leads for your company?

Lead generation has changed with time, so do the techniques that help you generate leads for your company. Chatbots are part of the tools you can use to enhance your company’s strategy. But unlike what most people may think, chatbots are not just used to greet or deliver standard and repetitive messages. They can actually offer effective assistance for your company. So, how do you think you can use a chatbot to generate qualified leads for your sales? Let’s see how!

Use a chatbot to respond to customers’ queries instantly

The speed with which you respond to clients is important in the process of lead generation. And the good news is that one of the chatbot's abilities is speed. In fact, a chatbot can instantly reach out to your customers and respond when they start a conversation. Apart from giving you an opportunity to reduce the risk of losing a deal, it also shows your customers that you are truly trying to help them. 
In addition, sometimes customers tend to prefer talking with chatbots first before tackling a conversation with an agent. Indeed, this is an opportunity to collect visitor contact information and start building a customer profile that can be used by your company. It may begin with an easy personalized message. 

Use a chatbot to convert your prospects into customers

We assume that it is tiring-but the most effective way to generate leads is putting together a variety of techniques and actions. Chatbots can be a complementary means to all the strategies your company already used to generate leads. 
In other words, chatbots should represent a significant part of your efforts to impact customers’ perception of your company. Chatbots may also address your customer’s needs and show them the value of purchasing from you. This is also a sign that you are remembering your customer, and they do not have to go through the same steps of explaining their needs again.

Let’s take this example: if your website visitor did not convert for the first time but their names and email were collected by your chatbot, you can definitely use this information to move them down in your funnel. Then you can provide something valuable like videos, alerts about new blog posts or free webinars.

Use a chatbot to follow up your prospects/customers

Last but not least, not only do chatbots help you to connect with your customers at a personal level, but they also create personas for your brand. Actually, it is of great interest for the company if a visitor actively participates in conversation with the chatbot. It may mean that the visitor will become a customer, but it also means that you can collect some valuable information from that specific customer or prospect.
Thus, you can leverage your chatbot to follow up your audience in the process of lead generation. For instance, you can set your chatbot so that it will send a message after some minutes of inactivity during a conversation. It can even ask if the customer needs more help or ask for feedback if there is no response from the customer.
However, you should not take your chatbot for granted. Even if using a chatbot might be beneficial for you, you can use them for repetitive tasks and handle more sensitive queries. In that way, you may become more productive and efficient in the lead generation process.

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