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E-commerce firm, Amazon accused of using Artificial intelligence cameras for spying purposes

Amazon has been accused of using its high-powered cameras for spying. This accusation comes as Amazon vans have implanted AI cameras that monitor their actions in the car.  Amazon accused of spying actions   It has been claimed that Amazon is using his in-built camera in delivery vans as spying too.... See more

The US calls warring parties to unite in Indian farmers and government conundrum

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The military junta in Myanmar blocks access to Facebook to deter '' Falsehood ''

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Black Americans hesitate to get the coronavirus vaccines - New study reveals

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Shell profits declines as COVID-19 affects the production

Top oil and gas firm has suffered losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it has increased production in a bid to close the gap and make a profit.  Shell suffers loss and pandemic bites   The Anglo-Dutch oil giant's yearly profits were reduced by 72% to $4.9 billion because there is sharp prod... See more